Selling Your eBooks on Tradebit

You can sell your ebooks on

The process of opening a tradebit account and uploading a book is very easy and simple.

You will require the following to load an ebook :

  • Your book in epub format
  • Your book in pdf format
  • A book cover
  • 4 keywords
  • A blurb for your book
  • A price


  • Tradebit pays every Wednesday.
  • You will require a paypal account for your payment.


You have to pay a once off fee of $4.95 to open the Tradebit account.

Tradebit takes a commission of each book sale

Package Monthly revenue (USD) Payout Tradebit handling fee Affiliates
Base plan < 1,500 US$ 70% 20% 10%
Pro plan > 1,500 US$ 75% 15% 10%
Individual I > 5,000 US$ These rates are negotiable. Please contact us!

Sales Advantages:

They make use of affiliate sales as well as promoting your book on their website.

You may be your OWN affiliate and earn up to 85% of the payout!