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Thanks so much for your patience and effort! It was wonderful to work with you and we will be keeping you in mind for future projects.

Chuck Blakeman    Website   
Author Picture


You're going above and beyond the call.
I appreciate that.

Gargatholil    Website   
Author Picture

I have worked now for the formatting of six E-Books, two of which with complex photo work, with Brenda from TrioMarketers and I am under the impression of her craftmanship, the fast way she works and the quality. Premium Catalogue with Smashwords is guaranteed! Besides she gives an excellent service. You will not find a better price/quality range elsewhere. Peter Kouwenberg

Peter Kouwenberg    Website   
Author Picture

On 6/23/2019 11:48 PM, Yanni Theodorou wrote:
> I know its been a long couple weeks for you and I wanted to say I appreciate your hard work.
> Thank you so much Brenda!

Yanni Theodorou    Website   
Author Picture

Hi Brenda,
Bennie tagged you in a post. You can choose if you want to add it to your timeline.

Bennie wrote: "Vriende, ek wil graag vir Brenda Van Niekerk baie, baie dankie se. Sy is
altyd bereid om te help, en as dit nie vir haar harde werk was nie sou ek nie nou 'n eBoek
op die rakke van die wnkel in wolke gehad het nie. Ondersteun asb haar besigheid, sy
format eBoeke en bou websites onder andere. "

Bennie Engelbrecht    Website   
Author Picture

You must forgive me for English is not my first language. So tolerate the errors!

Brenda is the second person who formatted an ebook for me so I am able to draw a comparison.

I never knew Brenda before and I never have seen her eye to eye. You can rest assured that she is a very professional woman who knows what she is doing. She finished my book and uploaded it to be send to Smashwords within 4 to 5 days. Her work was so good that my book qualified for the Smashwords' Premium Catalog and it was so encouraging when I saw my book in this Catalog live on the screen.

Further more, she was very much cheeper than the other person.

There had been an error in the formatting that was done for me by the other person and Brenda fixed it for me without any payment. She was so help- full. I simply did not want to go back to the other person.

I have another book I am working on and I want to assure you that Brenda will do it for me and nobody else. The world we live in would have been a much better place if all of us could be like Brenda. I want to conclude by saying that I salute her! . . And it has given me great pleasure to write this letter to you.

Kind regards,

Hans du Preez. (South Africa)    Website   
Author Picture

It is rare when I find someone who does what they say they’re going to do, especially in a
timely manner. Brenda, you are one of those rare people. Your work exceeded my
expectations. Thank you so much for doing such a beautiful job so quickly. I will most
definitely use you again for my writing and pass your information on to my friends.


Jack Broudy    Website   
Author Picture

Hi Brenda,

I just heard that the book was accepted into the premium catalog. Thanks for doing
such a nice job and so quickly.

Best, Ken

Ken Maxwell    Website   
Author Picture

Thanks Brenda. You have done a spectacular job. Cheers. Perry

Perry Tkachuk    Website   
Author Picture

Hi Brenda,

It's looking great. Thank you so much for your help and for taking responsibility until it gets
into the Premium catalog--that means so much to me. I appreciate you and your

Linda Irene    Website   
Author Picture

Brenda is someone who does what they say they’re going to do and does it in a timely
manner at an unbelievably good rate. I then needed additional work which she completed
without delay and when she sent me the account I returned it immediately politely stating
that she is under charging me and to please adjust the account four times. Even then she only settled at x2 increase. She can be trusted to offer the most competitive quotes and the very best services well beyond expectations. Ruargh Findlay. PS The Making of a Slut 340,000 words 90+ illustrations (most other formatter swere not interested or said it was too big a job)and The few that ventured quotes were double that, what I was eventually charged. by Brenda V. Niekerk who did not hesitate to quote. She was wonderful and a pleasure to work with and even helped with the submission. Thank you Brenda
Extract of my letter to Mark Mark Coker Smashwords
Dear Mr Coker - Smashwords You are no doubt a very busy man and I simply want to congratulate you on your remarkable concept and organization. What you have created and achieved is something many millions will benefit from. Congratulations and thank you. Second point – your very helpful ‘ How to Publish ‘ suggested a ' Marks list ' recommending service suppliers to assist . I simply wish to bring to your attention that there is one in particular that stands out, No! TOWERS head and shoulders over any other "service supplier". Indeed the best I have ever come across in my 50 years of business experience relating to service. For the most impeccable , prompt and inexpensive service where nothing is too much trouble for the" formatter" Smashwords recommended. in Marks List. ie- A.K.A.
I cannot speak more highly of her services and her pricing. Indeed the very best value. Thank you for the best advice ever in recommending her to me, she was delightful and obviously judging by the vast amount of authors that have listed themselves on her
website to sing their praises of her services. Brenda is indeed an very special person.
Thank you. Ruargh Findlay

Ruargh Findlay   
Author Picture

I found Brenda at She responded right away and was easy to work with.

Being that this is my first ebook, she patiently held my hand through numerous emails
asking how the formatting and upload process worked and delivered the ebook ready
to go in less than a week. She also does uploading but in this case my marketing
company wanted to handle that. This ebook is the first in a series. I will be working
with Brenda for the next ones as well.

Thank you Brenda!

Sue Hannibal    Website   
Author Picture

We can not praise Brenda highly enough for her tireless work in converting JR's 316 page
book to digital. It is an image rich book with a complicated layout but Brenda pulled it
together amazingly and loaded it to the various distributors. We absolutely recommend
Brenda if need your eBook formatted and uploaded and we will be using her services
again in the future. John Ross Appleton (JR) author of Old Masters Young Guns,
Steve La Puma Publisher John Ross Appleton (JR) author of Old Masters Young Guns,
Steve La Puma Publisher

Steve La Puma    Website   
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If I need some assistance with other books, I'll contact you.

Good night!

Claire Glowen    Website   
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Dear Brenda With your able and explicit help, the book has been published. Please let me know how to pay, and
whether you will be available when my next work is ready? Thank you, thank you and by the
way thank you!
Chris N. Coutts

Chris Coutts    Website   
Author Picture

I would like to recommend Brenda for formatting services to any authors looking to have
their books presented in the best possible light. Not only did she do excellent work, she was
knowledgeable about all venues and incredibly patient and personable. As a first time book
author I was beyond pleased with her and her work.
Sharon Wildey

Sharon Wildey    Website   
Author Picture

This is the fifth book Brenda has formatted for me. It was the longest work so far and it was a word processing nightmare. I was so bummed out. Brenda stayed with it until she got all the kinks out. It's like she works on people's books as if they were her own.
I can't believe she's so affordable for the amount of work she puts into each job. I really lucked out when I picked her out of the list of recommended formatting services in the Smashwords help section.

Heater Case    Website   
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Thank you for everything Brenda!
You were great to work with.


Sondra Perry    Website   
Author Picture

Thanks for your help. You did a great job

Richard Brumer    Website   
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In Praise of Brenda

I checked out a list of Independent Formatters for my new book. Of all, Brenda seemed
the most reasonably priced. I e-mailed her to ask could she work on my manuscript and
how long it would take. I received her answer quickly.

I must say I am pleasantly surprised. I am a computer illiterate and muddle through
the best I can. It is refreshing to find some-one who does exactly what she promised to
do quickly, efficiently and at a reasonable price.

I have three more books that I am working on and if they need formatting I will be
going right back to Brenda.

Thank You Brenda

Margaret Valentine    Website   
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Morning Brenda. As feedback I'd like to sincerely thank you for formatting my manuscript. It gives me pleasure to inform you that the book has been published by Smashwords and has been accepted in the Smashwords Premium catalog. I'm short of words to express your beyond customer expectations services. Suffice to say keep it up!! Kind Regards Monwabisi

M.D. Mgulwa    Website   
Author Picture

Thanks for all your great work. It’s a pleasure working with you.

Jill Kelly    Website   
Author Picture

I came to Brenda with a fully designed book that was really complicated to format to Smashwords specifications. I don’t think Brenda has ever spent more hours on formatting any book than she did on mine. She did much more than she was paid for to fix it and then uploaded it for me on the premium catalogue. Brenda, thank you from the bottom of my heart, you were a Godsend. People, trust me on this, if you really want perfect results with formatting your book, don’t waste time and money going anywhere else. Brenda is the ABSOLUTE BEST!! Bruce

Bruce Mtigwe    Website   
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It looks like it was approved for the premium catalog, thank you so much for the excellent service!

Elizabeth Wright    Website   
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Dr Leonard Gaston    Website   
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'I highly recommend Brenda, as she not only gets your book the required Premium
status at Smashwords, but also informs about the issues, iin case you want to try
it again by yourself. She goes an extra mile (re-formatting all my pictures/covers)
and never gives up. She's one of those rare people, who deliver - in time, and
at an excellent price. Especially if you have tried 'everything', have special issues
(lots of pictures, foreign language publishing ...), she is doing it all and doing it fast.
Nobody better!'

Krisztina Kournikova    Website   
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I came across Brenda Van Niekerk's name as she was recommended by Smashwords.
As this was my first attempt at self publishing, all the myriad of formatting rules for the
different publishers seemed a bit overwhelming. I needed someone to streamline the
whole process for me. Brenda not only did that (for a reasonable price I might add) but
she was thorough, efficient and fast. She helped me get my book up and disseminated
quicker that I had even hoped for. I could not give Brenda a higher recommendation!

Sir Jeffery Abood    Website   
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Hi there,

Another highly satisfied client: Thank you SO much for enabling me to reach my
dream :),

*hug* *hug* *hug"


Lois Henderson    Website   
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And I say again if you ever need someone to tout publicly your professional diligence,
exceptional timeliness, and rigorous attention to detail, please let me know. I think you
are by far the best formatter on Mark’s List.

Mack Peters    Website   
Author Picture

'Even more important to me than the professionalism and expertise Brenda delivered in formatting my book, was her incredible customer service and responsiveness. As a first time Author, Brenda was beyond patient in working with me to ensure the book was done right. Just can't say enough. But I can say, thank you Brenda! Steve R. Woodstock, GA

Steve Rabb   
Author Picture

Working with Brenda through was such a pleasure. I found her through Marks List on She reformatted several of my picture books for Sidewalk Stories. She was fast, efficient and such a pleasure to work with. She did everything I asked and more. They key factor was she knew what she was doing. I will hire her again and let others know to do the same. Five stars! Thanks Brenda!
Wendy K Gray
Creator of Sidewalk Stories Book Series for Kids.

Wendy K Gray    Website   
Author Picture

Hi Brenda,

I just wanted to let you know that the book did make it through smashwords and the premium catalog, and is now available through the smashwords page: ttps:// as well as through a variety of retailers
like Barnes and Noble and Apple's iBookstore!

We're very excited, and wanted to thank you for all your work helping us through this challenging process. Your work (and your patience) was very much appreciated.

I would happily recommend you to others if you'd ever like me to do so.

Warm regards,

Christine Gordon    Website   
Author Picture

Thank you so much for being a reliable resource for me and for my author clients. Feedback on your work is consistently excellent: “Brenda is amazing! Great quality work. Fast! Affordable!” It’s great to be able to refer you with 100% confidence. Carla King, Self-Pub Boot Camp

Carla King    Website   
Author Picture

Brenda, I can’t thank you enough for your patience and professionalism, and the outstanding quality of your work. Your “rush job” with my manuscript was clutch! It was wonderful working with you and I look forward to working together again on future projects.

Kathy Tong    Website   
Author Picture

Hi Brenda, I just received this email from Smashwords. Thank you for your assistance in
seeing the book reach the Premium Catalogue status.
I could not have done it by myself.

Warm regards, J. Das

Jagessar Das    Website   
Author Picture

You can do no better than contact Brenda who will convert your mss to e-book format and place it on all the relevant sites. She is a star!

David Hilton-Davis    Website   
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[…] am so excited. My fabulous formatter, Brenda Vniekerk at Triomarketers, has done a bang up job with the manuscript and we just uploaded to Smashwords about an hour ago. […]

Brenda Vniekerk – Triomarketers – fast, efficient, accurate, affordable ebook formatting

Marguerite Arnold   
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Working with Brenda from triomarketers was a great experience. I found Brenda's services on Smashword (Mark's List) and contacted her directly. Her professionalism and fair pricing convinced me. From the beginning Brenda exactly understood my ebook requirements and delivered accordingly. In just 2 days I received my perfectly formatted ebook.
I will definitely consider Brenda's services in the future! Many thanks Brenda - 5/5 stars!

Julian Rejmanowskij    Website   
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Brenda - I want you to know that getting the book written and published, regardless of
whether or not it sells, has meant a great deal to Ronn and I want to thank you again for
all your efforts. It has been a pleasure for me that I was able, in a small way, to help a good
friend achieve a goal he really wanted to pursue. Your contribution is truly appreciated.

Cheers, Jim

Author Picture

Perfect! It has been so wonderful to work with you 🙂 You are good!

Kimberly Peaks, Author

Kimberly Peaks    Website   
Author Picture

You've done a great job and I am very grateful for it. I like the way you communicate and
will definitely use your services again!

Take care!


Yamina (Book Formatter)   
Author Picture

and Yes!!! Admitted to premium catalogue. Thank you Brenda for your unending support,
wish to work with you in future as well.

Vivek Bothra    Website   
Author Picture

Здравствуйте, Бренда!
Книга успешно размещена в премиум-каталоге smashwords. Спасибо! Буду обращаться при необходимости.

Volikov Roman    Website   
Author Picture

Hi Brenda,

Payment done. Thank you so much for the timely help.

Warm Regards

Achuth Menon    Website   
Author Picture

With your help formatting my ebook, I was able to avoid marital strife. My husband was
supportive but I needed technical support that required a professional with experience
meeting the requirements for being published in all electronic formats.
Thanks Brenda (or TrioMarketers) for taking my book those the last steps to publication.


Author Picture

Brenda, Praise and appreciation! Good job! I can't thank you enough. You saved us lots of

Peace, Veronica

Veronica Kelly Badowski    Website