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Smashwords Survey 2014

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July 8, 2014 0

Do’s and Don’t When Formatting Your eBook For Smashwords

Tables: Don't add tables to your book Why Not: The Smashwords Meatgrinder will pick up autovetter errors in your book. The reason being that tables do not convert in the conversion process. Solution: Convert the table into a .jpg  or .png image (DON'T use any other image format) Textboxes: Don't use textboxes in your book…
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June 2, 2014 0

Smashwords Uploading Errors

Some of the typical errors one comes across when uploading an ebook into Smashwords: Corrupted images: This probably means that your image is not a .jpg format. Your best option is to delete the image in your book and then insert it back into your document making 100% sure that your image is really a…
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March 31, 2014 0

Selling Your eBooks On Smashwords

You can sell your ebooks on http://www.smashwords.com The process of opening a smashwords account and uploading a book is very easy and simple. You will require the following to load an ebook : Your book in a .doc format (formatted according to the Smashwords Guidelines) A book cover approximately 10 keywords A blurb for your…
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February 14, 2014 0