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Lulu Marketing Guide

Lulu has brought out a new marketing guide – you can download it here – http://guide.lulu.com/

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Author marketing Club

Learn how to market your ebook and sell more ebooks.

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Gain access to a massive audience of more than 25 million book lovers. With more than 140 million pageviews and 19 million unique visitors a month, Goodreads offers advertisers integrated advertising and promotional programs to reach our highly affluent and educated audience of book readers. https://www.goodreads.com/  

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Pursue Paid Book Reviews

These review sites can help provide a level of legitimacy to an unknown author. Consider the following organizations if you’d like to pursue a paid review: Kirkus Reviews: http://www.kirkusreviews.com/indie/about/ Review fees cost from $425 to $575. BookRooster: http://www.bookrooster.com/for-authors/ Review fees start at $67.

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Useful Links For Advertising Your eBooks

You can write to the administrators of these e-book blogs and request a feature of your book. Some sites give free listings while others will feature your book for a fee. Ereader News Today: http://www.ereadernewstoday.com/ Kindle Nation: http://kindlenationdaily.com/ Pixel of Ink: http://www.pixelofink.com Inspired Reads: http://www.inspiredreads.com Kindle Reader: http://kindlereader.blogspot.com/ GoodReads: http://www.goodreads.com IndieReader: http://indiereader.com/author-promotional-opportunities/

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