Some of the typical errors one comes across when uploading an ebook into Smashwords:

Corrupted images:

This probably means that your image is not a .jpg format. Your best option is to delete the image in your book and then insert it back into your document making 100% sure that your image is really a .jpg format.

Sometimes you could be using a .png image that has been cut & pasted into a basic graphic software package (such as paint) and then saved as a .jpg….. it might look like a .jpg BUT is isn’t really a .jpg.

How to test this:

Download and open the epub file that Smashwords created from your document. If the image shows black then it isn’t a .jpg but a .png that is saved incorrectly.

How do you find out which image is the corrupted one?

  1. Download the epub file and save in a directory on your pc / laptop.
  2. Find the epub file in the directory in which you saved it.
  3. Right click on the file and extract with IZArc or similar software (see below for link).
  4. You will now see a directory that look like the following example (see below).

These image file names will correspond to the error image number.


Download IZArc –