You can sell your ebooks on

The process of opening a smashwords account and uploading a book is very easy and simple.

You will require the following to load an ebook :

  • Your book in a .doc format (formatted according to the Smashwords Guidelines)
  • A book cover
  • approximately 10 keywords
  • A blurb for your book
  • A price


  • Smashwords pays every month.
  • Smashwords pays paypal (international authors) and direct deposits (USA residents).


A Smashwords account is free.

Smashwords takes a commission of each book sale

  • If the book is sold via the Smashwords website – Smashwords takes 15% commission
  • If the book is sold to one of the ebook stores – Smashwords takes 15% commission + the ebook store commission (whatever is applicable for that store).