Editing a .Mobi file is a lot more work than editing other files. You cannot just do an edit on the Mobi file.

There are 3 steps to this process:

  • Unpack the Mobi file
  • Apply the edits to the files
  • Repack the Mobi file

For this you will need software and a knowledge of HTML etc.

In the following few articles I will attempt to give you the various options and steps that will make it a lot simpler than it at first seems to be.


If the Mobi file is a DRM Mobi file then you cannot edit it. You will need to recreate it from scratch.

Step 1 – Unpacking The Mobi File

Option 1 – Using Calibre


Calibre installed on your pc / laptop – Download Herehttp://calibre-ebook.com/download_windows


Open Calibre from your desktop

Click on the “Preferences” Option in the main menu – see below

Select “get plugins to enhance Calibre”

Install the following plugin into Calibre – KindleUnpack – see below

Select the KindleUnpack option on the menu once the plugin is successfully installed – see below.

Select the required mobi file and the directory for the unpacked files.