The other day I came across a challenge of how one edits a PDF – I had to make one small edit and reformatting the document was just not an option!

If you have the original word document that was used to create the PDF in the first place then use this option – make the changes to the word document and then recreate the PDF (fastest and cleanest way of doing it).

If you don’t have the orignal doc you have a few options here:

Option 1

You can open the PDF in Microsoft Word – 2010 or above. Word will convert the PDF into a word document. You can make your changes and the SAVE AS PDF again BUT there is a downside to this option. If you have many images / tables / textboxes etc. in your PDF the new Word document will not look exactly like the PDF does. This means editing more than you might be willing to do! This takes you to Option 2.

Option 2

You can make use of Adobe Acrobat XI Pro or Adobe Acrobat XI Standard (you can get a 100% working 30 day trial version). All you need to do is install Adobe Acrobat onto your PC or laptop. Open the PDF within Adobe Acrobat and edit the PDF as if it were a word document! Very simple and no additional work.

Option 3

There are other “FREE” online options available, they also edit PDF’s but be aware that the free versions either allow you to edit but not to SAVE! Other options give you the option of EDITING and SAVING BUT they add watermarks within your document…. (see Wondershare as an example). These so called Free options need to be paid for before they actually work.