Now that you have become an author and have self-published your book, you need a website to make your online presence known!

You have various options for creating your own website:

  • If you have absolutely no technical knowledge and have no intention of learning how to create your own website then contact me and I will set it up for you (prices are very competitive). Fill in the form below:

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  • Create a a wordpress website (there are many free wordpress templates for selling your ebook online).
  1. You will need a domain name for your website – click here for “How To Buy My Domain”
  2. You will need hosting for your domain – click here for “Get Hosting For My Domain:
  3. You will need to assign your domain with the correct name servers for the hosting that you have selected – click here for “How To Select And Change The Name Servers For My Domain”.
  4. You will need to install wordpress on your domain – click here for “How To Load WordPress Onto My Domain”
  5. Click below for the different FREE wordpress templates available for selling your ebook