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Selling Your Book Directly Without Using An Aggregator

There are quite a few options to sell your ebook without the benefit of an aggregator: You can create an account and load your book into one of the following websites, these websites charge a commission on the sale of each book. They do not ship your book anywhere and they do not sell your…
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June 14, 2014 0

Aggregators Who Will Really Sell Your Books

First things first – what is an Aggregator? Aggregators will sell your book to companies such as Apple, Barnes & Noble, Kobo etc. In my past experience, the following aggregators are great to work with: Smashwords – eBooks only – Google Play Pothi – eBooks and Print on Demand Lulu – eBooks and Print…
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January 16, 2014 0

How To Convert Your Book Into An eBook

One of the big questions that many authors may ask….. How do I convert my print book into an e book or how do I write an ebook and sell the ebook online? Well there are 2 steps to answering this question. 1) You need to decide where you are going to sell the book.…
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January 15, 2014 0